At Count Zero Records, we are always looking for new music and new artists to join our label family. That includes producers, vocalists, musicians and all other types of creative people in the music industry.

So we have created this opportunity for you to send us your music.

After uploading your song and filling out some information, your demo will go straight to our A&R team.

We will also keep you updated on future contests, competitions and other first-hand label information.

Help us take your music all the way and send us your demo today!

First, please link up with us and follow us WITH YOUR ARTIST ACCOUNT.

We want to get in touch with you AND we want to have a look at you as well.

Plead also leave a comment on these social media sites so we know it is actually YOU, since we cant associate your usernames with your artist name any other way !!

Just say something like “Hi! Im Rocky and i just dropped a demo !”.

1.) Follow us on Instagram and leave a comment on one post.


2.) Follow us on YouTube and leave a comment on one post.


3.) Follow us on Spotify and leave a review on one of our songs.


When you finished step 1 to 3, please choose a mp3 file or mp3 files to upload.

Drop us YOUR Demo !


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11 thoughts on “DEMO DROP

  1. Hi Rob,

    just have seen your contact and your content and video over instagram.

    I liked your video and what you said and the way you said it. It s clear and the truth.
    So i was thinking just to send you one of my Album songs for my upcoming album release this year.

    I am a berlin based electronic music producer and artist; a label owner and dj, i write and produce all on my own, mix and master it. My genres are from melodic tech house to progressive house, downbeat and my own version of tech house .

    After finishing nearly all Album music i am thinking to start an music edition coop deal with some good publishing company having power bring things to next level.

    I am looking forward to get your feedback. Maybe we can work together too.

    have a great weekend, positive vibes from Berlin

  2. Hi Boldone !

    This is Count Zero (the guy in the videos 🙂 and i would like to thank you for watching. We would be thrilled to work together on one or another project and we also wish you a great weekend! Best regards to Berlin! Great city ! 🙂

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